Size Doesn’t Matter

When I first started out, I had no gear just like the majority of self starters. My rule was to only pay cash for gear, I rented until I could own. It was a tip I received early on and I think it’s a good one. Getting a loan to buy a bunch of stuff only to have it sitting there collecting dust because of a lack of client base is the worst thing that could happen. And quite frankly ever since the DSLR revolution there is no excuse to not be able to get started in this industry, gear has gotten so cheap.

Ok so I’m way off topic, but hey, you got a little gear buying tip out of it… : )

So, after a few years of making money in the industry and building up a bigger and bigger gear package my “grip truck” aka VW Jetta became a little small. Crews were always giving me shit about it (in a good way) so I made this spot one day after a shoot. This car is long since gone but it was interesting while it lasted. Enjoy!

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  1. jo says:

    I’m thinking you’re a little ‘cra-cra’ if you don’t send this to the Volkswagon Ad AE. I’m sure you know what it would cost them to shoot something like this, and it’s great! It also hits with the whole ‘YouTube’ look. More cash = more gear OR a little well deserved downtime C’est nes pas?

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