Why a Blog?


The idea that I would someday start a blog came to me about 4 years ago when I was looking for lighting help with an unusual lighting scenario I had run into. I looked all over the web for answers and it became apparent there were not very many detailed lighting tips online.

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It makes sense because lighting is not a “tangible” thing. There are no definitive answers and each situation is a different challenge.  Sure, the ol’ 3 point lighting is available online but what about the everyday scenarios we face. What about the many puzzles we solve on any given shoot? And more than that, how do we come up with solutions quickly while under the gun? Lighting is certainly a lifelong craft that can only be learned through experience.  While, there is no way to give people definitive lighting answers from a book or even a blog, there are certainly ways to guide people in the right direction based on experience. I hope this blog becomes a resource and also a place for people to ask questions about their specific lighting challenge. Although lighting is my passion, successful productions certainly require loads of  other skills and this blog will contain those accordingly.

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Why has it taken me so long to start this blog? Well the short answer is that I was overwhelmed and the long answer is, that I was overwhelmed. So many things to share, so little time and where to even start. Work/Life balance is already out of control, let’s not sink the ship now ok?
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So at long last, I am finally working on dumping my brain full of past experiences into this bloody beast of a thing they call “blog”.

My hope is that this blog will become a resource for the not so common questions but I’m sure I’ll end up throwing  in some common ones that come up frequently in this wide world of production.
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I’ll post some Industry related news, and maybe,  just maybe I’ll include, some Post-Production tips even though I cringe as I write that because quite frankly I’m trying my damnedest to edit less and less and stick with lighting and shooting as my  primary offerings.

 I also welcome tips from others! Guest blogs are great just contact me if you are interested in posting here and we can make it happen if it fits.

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What you won’t find on this blog:

I won’t be reviewing gear. There are plenty of great resources for gear reviews, no need to travel that path, I simply don’t have the time to do it right. Check out Philip Bloom or Vincent Laforet, those cats have it down! With that said, I’m more than happy to answer direct questions about gear I’ve used.

You will also not see albums and albums of pictures of me with high end cameras. This isn’t a site to show off, it’s a place to learn technique that can apply to a variety of gear. If I find a feature in a specific camera to work exceptionally well or a feature that is just plain interesting I may mention it here.  Although I have to post these two photos from a shoot the other day…the behind the scenes photog liked my backside I guess?
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So to wrap up the most boring blog entry of the site, I have to drop in an ethics note/disclaimer:


“All blog entries are written and created with the sole intention to be a resource for learning faster, safer, and better ways to get great results in production. It’s no secret that there are many ways to achieve the same result and my method may be different from your method, but if my method has proven to work well and adheres to the safety standards that should be used on any set, I’ll share it and you can take it or leave it no worries either way. Just as a 4 ft 4 bank Kino has a dozen different nicknames, the tips on this blog may differ from others. Enjoy it, contribute to it with comments or guest blogs, and finally this thing is not paid for by anyone other than yours truly, so if I mention gear or an app or a resource it is purely because I have experience with it and will offer my opinion good or bad”

I hope you pick up a thing or two that can help you be more efficient and in turn get you more work!

-Christopher Meurer

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